“Do I need an appointment to shop?”
We do require an appointment on Saturdays. On Tuesdays through Fridays we strongly suggest making an appointment, but walk-ins are welcome. Keep in mind that appointments take precedence so if you walk-in there’s a chance you’ll have to wait for an indefinite period of time.

“Are you open on Sundays?”
We reserve a limited number of revisit or decision-making Sunday appointments.

“What price range are your bridal gowns?”
We have gowns that range from $850-3500. Our bridesmaids are $150-300 and mothers are $275-500.

“Do you have any plus size samples to try on?”
Yes, we have a small, but growing selection of gorgeous gowns in plus sizes but all of our designers gowns can be ordered in sizes 18+.

“Can you accommodate a short time frame?”
Yes! All of our designers have rush options and on some occasions we can sell gowns off the rack.

“Do you offer discounts for bridesmaids?”
We offer a volume discount if you have 6 or more bridesmaids OR if you are our bride, your maids automatically get the same discount regardless of how many there are.

“Can we bring in our own champagne or food?”
Unfortunately we do not allow any outside food or drink in an effort to keep our shop and our dresses looking perfect for every bride to enjoy!

“What should I bring with me when I come to shop?”
Make sure you wear neutral colored underwear – whatever style you’re comfortable in. Feel free to also wear/bring a neutral colored strapless or sticky bra. For many gowns we will recommend going braless, but it truly depends on what you are comfortable with since your consultant will be dressing you. Also feel free to wear any shape wear you plan to wear on you’re your wedding day. You will not need shoes as we have pedestals to give you height and it is easier to get in and out of the gowns without them. 

“Is payment for my gown due in full when I purchase?”
No. We require a 50% deposit on the day you order and the other half will be due when your gown arrives to us from the designer.

“What forms of payment do you accept?”
We can take Visa, Mastercard, or Discover, as well as personal check or cash.

“When should I be shopping and deciding on a dress?”
In a perfect world, we would love if every bride purchased her gown about 10-12 months prior to her wedding date. However, we understand that’s not always possible so therefore we welcome any time frame.

“When should I decide on bridesmaids?”
We suggest making a final decision on your bridesmaid dresses about 6 months before your wedding. This will give your girls some time to get their orders placed as well as provide a buffer of time once the dresses arrive for them to be altered. Again, we understand if this isn’t possible for everyone and for that reason our designers do offer rush options!

“When should my mom be ordering her dress?”
We find that many moms wait way too long to start shopping and then their options are very limited – don’t let your mom and/or future mother-in-law make this mistake! We recommend mother’s dresses be ordered at about the same time frame as bridesmaids: 6 months out.

“Ok… anything else I need to know before shopping?”
At Verità we believe in good vibes. Make sure you (and your entourage) come in with a positive attitude and an open mind. Trust in your consultant and come mentally prepared to find the dress of your dreams. Expect to have an exciting and unique experience, with a few fun little surprises along the way! Finding your perfect gown can be easy if you just let the magic happen. We can’t wait to see you!